The Story of EDFC ACTIVE

EDFC was the very first of its kind in the industry to enable in-car damping force adjustment.
The introduction of this unprecedented product resulted ina drastic inprovement in convenience for adjustable damper users in various situations. Approximately 100,000 units have been sold and the system has been favored by many since its release. Now, here at TEIN......

Episode 1 【 Customer Comments 】
Sugiyama of product planning dept. was having hard time coming up with new EDFC ideas.
His colleague, sales rep. Mihara, brought an interesting tip. Can that help!?
Episode 2 【 Project Meeting 】
Sugiyama found himself in an unexpected situation at the project meeting he had confidently attended.
Ever since, he worked harder, day and night. Would it be paid off?
Episode 3 【 Upgrading Damper 】
Sugiyama test-drove the car with the first prototype of new EDFC just produced.
The result took a somewhat unexpected turn.
Episode 4 【 Meeting the Needs 】
"We can not sell this." That was the only thing Mihara could say, after testing the revised prototype.
Management put severe pressure on the development team, as the project entered the final phase.
Episode 5 【 Easy Compromise 】
New EDFC project picked up the pace at one stretch.
Sugiyama created some models he had imagined, but those made Mihara upset once again...
Episode 6 【 On the Verge of Completion 】
Through challenges and difficulties, they finally produced something quite satisfactory!
With the media release event only 2 weeks away, everything has now come to the final stage!
Episode 7 【 Media Test Drive Event 】
Sugiyama, Mihara & Nakano reached the day of the rollout event with mixed feelings of confidence & anxiety.
It was the first chance to get an independent opinion. Would all their hard work be paid off!?
Episode 8 【 Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 】
After the media event, Sugiyama, Mihara & Nakano were busy getting ready for Tokyo Auto Salon.
This is the last episode of the fact-based story about the development of new EDFC.
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