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TEIN “Nitouryu” sweeps into Mono-Tube Supremacy

TEIN puts the customers first.

There are two choices of shock absorbers; mono-tube and twin-tube. "Which is better?" That's the question comes up often. Some even advertise that mono-tube is simply better in performance.
That is absolutely not true. The customer is to decide which is better for him/her. Mono-tube for races. Twin-tube for streets. They perform differently. Just like choosing between desktop and laptop computers, it is up to customers to decide which suits their styles, purpose and/or preferences better.
TEIN offers wide variety of products, both mono-tube and twin-tube, deriving the maximum benefit from both.

Mono Tube

Inner side of shell case works as a cylinder,
with oil, gas and piston valve all in one tube.

To put it bluntly, mono-tube shock absorber is most suitable for challenging races on circuits. It manages to control damping force well and exhibits stable performance even in severe runs for a long period of time. TEIN mono-tube suspensions are proven to be high performance, in various motorsports events such as P-WRC, Super Taikyu, etc.

The fight of the century, made possible with Nitouryu technology

Nurburgring 24h-Race is known to be the toughest race in the world. TEIN put in "TYPE FLEX" damper, the same one readily available on the market, which was considered to be unfavorable for the race.
Some say that just finishing the race is even quite difficult without the proper shock absorber. The vehicle fitted with "TYPE FLEX" clinched the class victory! Not only mono-tube system that is good for racing, but TEIN also is capable of pursuing the performance of twin-tube system, as "Nitouryu" manufacturer. The win in this 24h-race left the historic footmarks of the 21st century, proving TEIN's high technology.

Technique to produce both Mono & Twin

Twin-tube is so simple that it's used for OE products. This is totally wrong. The fact is that twin-tube is technically harder to manufacture as more precise parts are required. Just maybe, some only produce mono-tube on the pretext of mono-tube supremacy because they cannot really produce twin-tube...
TEIN is the true shock absorber manufacturer that mass-produces both mono-tube and twin-tube in-house. "Nitouryu" can only be achieved upon high technology and wealth of knowledge.

Twin Tube

Inside shell case, there is another cylinder, in which piston valve moves up and down.

Due to its complicated structure, twin-tube shock absorber requires high manufacturing technology. It is superior in ride comfort and cost performance, thus is suitable for street use.
TEIN twin-tube shock absorber provides comfortable driving experience at reasonable price, backed up by high technology cultivated as suspension specialists.