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The Legend of TEIN

The first Japanese to win Safari Rally championship

On the scorching African continent in the most severe conditions, it was Yoshio Fujimoto (Toyota Celica GT-FOUR) who won the Safari Rally in 1995. He was the first Japanese ever to make such an accomplishment, and he did it in the most grueling rally in the world.
In the prior year, he signed a contract with TTE (Toyota Team Europe) as their first Japanese driver. The Safari Rally was his second challenge. The name "Yoshio Fujimoto" left a great mark in the world history of motorsports. There aren't many companies in the world who are run by world champions.

Amazingly high profile, the TEIN brand name is known by 99.6% shops in U.S.

Before TEIN made their official entry into U.S. market, Fujimoto spent 2 years performing local market research, and visited over 500 shops across the United States. Among them, there were only 2 shops that did not know TEIN. Despite the fact that Japanese manufacturers don't usually visit shops in U.S., and that all the visits were made without prior appointments, Fujimoto received a warm welcome. In fact one shop posted the message "Suddenly TEIN Came!" on their website, which showed the popularity of how well known TEIN brand was.

The true meaning of "Technical Innovation"

The company name TEIN comes from 2 initials of the words; 'TE'CHNICAL 'IN'NOVATION.
It represents the company policy to produce the best products with the latest technology. With a change in times, from 'evolution' to further 'revolution', TEIN products are reaching for the extremity. It's been over 20 years since its establishment, but TEIN's strong convictions have never changed.

TEIN's returning to the origin

In 2006, TEIN started to produce made-to-order products; "Specialized Damper". Hand-made dampers exclusively tailored to individual customer preferences. Including vehicles for which mass-produced products are not available, and may never become available. TEIN specialists put all their technology and experience into each set of dampers.
For customers, TEIN returns to its origin, which started from built-to-order suspension products. TEIN's wish and promise is to provide the joy of driving to everyone in the cars in which they love.

Who is this? "DAMPACHI"

'DAMPACHI' is the name of this mascot with big eyes, a green body, and large tank on his back, He appears in TEIN ads and materials all over the world. He is popular among kids, men, women, and collectors alike. DAMPACHI has become one of the recognized and loved characters in all of motorsports. DAMPACHI was born from the minds of TEIN employees, hoping that he will create brand recognition for TEIN suspension products and auto tuning/customizing industry as a whole.