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Pace Note of TEIN —Never-Ending Rally— (2)

Confidence built from Worldwide experiences

Exceptional performance and durability. TEIN shock absorbers were then given high marks not only for use in rally events but also in other fields; on the street and at the circuit. They achieved an astonishingly high 80% share of dampers used in N1 Taikyu races (currently known as Super Taikyu). "There is NO doubt in what we have been doing at TEIN. We can go for it!" In 1990, their wait was over and they released original products under the TEIN brand. In no time, they were flooded with orders, exceeding their production capability. Their success as an International rally team shed light on the company. In 1987, 2 years after their first season competing in all Japan events, they made their first challenge in overseas races; Hong Kong-Beijing Rally. 2 years later in 1989, they finally made their way to WRC. Things went well and smoothly for Fujimoto. He became the first Japanese ever to be chosen as a driver for a Toyota works team. In 1995, he was crowned with an overall victory in the Safari Rally; and again he was the first Japanese to have this distinction. Their names; 'Ichino' and 'Fujimoto', became well known throughout the world. "Rally is where we started. We would always like to be in-touch with the real market. Putting ourselves at the forefront of the scene allows us to listen to the consumers' real voice." By experiencing TEIN products firsthand, their conviction as company executives were developed and refined. Their company, TEIN, continues to compete in motorsports.

For TEIN, there is no such thing as a goal.

1995 marked the turning point for TEIN. Deregulation created a favorable environment in which cars on the street were allowed to have suspension replacements or modifications. Demands for TEIN products suddenly increased. TEIN became the leader of this new 'customize' culture, where people wanted originality in their cars. TEIN, started with only 2 people, has kept growing and is now listed on the stock market, with total sales in the billions of Yen. Their vision is to provide high quality suspension products to the world.
"We are confident in the era of globalization that we can overcome any international boundaries as a 'made-in-Japan' brand." Even upon expanding their views into the world, they stand firm in their own convictions even from the beginning, as a suspension specialty manufacturer. "Now the company is stable in various aspects, but we cannot afford to be inattentive. Because, we are yet to master the 'perfect' suspension..." Ichino and Fujimoto talk in chorus. Their presence, looking straight ahead into the future, is just as that of rallyists driving and foreseeing the various changes of the course. "In a simple phrase, TEIN's ideal shock absorber is something that excites and thrills customers. Customers' demands are not that easy to meet at any age. So, there can be NO goal for TEIN." A rally car, carrying enormous dreams entitled, TEIN, continues on its winning ways, driven by Ichino and Fujimoto.