The Story of

"The Story of New EDFC" revealed behind-the-scenes story about EDFC ACTIVE; from the beginning of its development till its release.
It seems there's more to that story...
What will the new story unveil?
Don't miss it!

Episode 1 【 EDFC ACTIVE Getting Off to Excellent Start 】
Before he can even heave a sigh of relief at the favorable launch of EDFC ACTIVE,
Yoshii, in charge of this project, realized something...!?
Episode 2 【 Let it adjust to lateral G-force change! 】
After driving all through the night, with something clicked in his head,
Yoshii drew up a product proposal just in time for the afternoon meeting. What's that all about...?
Last Episode 【 PRO should act like PRO. 】
Decision to add lateral G-actuated control to EDFC ACTIVE PRO is final.
There still was so much work to do, to make the most of it.
PRO should act like PRO. What evolution would it bring?
Enjoy the final episode.
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