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Adjust Damping Force from the Driver's Seat!

MSRP JPY 34,500 excl. Tax

Revamping the long-popular pioneer electronic damping force control system EDFC, the EDFC II features functional touch-ups, white LED light and an affordable price. EDFC II brings the convenience of damping force adjustment from the driver's seat to a wider audience. Please note that this product does not adjust vehicle ride height.


Control from the Driver's Seat

To adjust damping force, you do not need to get out of your car, remove interior parts or even open your hood/trunk. With EDFC II you can stay in your seat and simply press some buttons.

One-Touch Setup Activation

With one push of a memory button, damping force instantly adjusts to a previously stored setup. Three presets are available.

Super Simple Operation

All basic operations can be performed with just one button: (+) or (-) for front or rear to adjust damping force, or a preset button.

Affordable Price

Priced from JPY 29,500 (excl. tax) per car, even while boasting high-performance and high-precision stepper motors, EDFC II is an exceptional bargain.

Functions / Features

High-Performance Stepper Motors to Adjust Damping Force

Each shock absorber's adjustment dial is replaced with a high-performance stepper motor ("EDFC motor" or "adjustment motor"), and a controller unit is installed in the cockpit for remote damping force adjusting.

Controller unit in cockpit for remote operation

System Layout

16- and 32-Level Adjustment Modes

The EDFC II features two modes of precision for your damping force setup: either 16 or 32 damping force adjustment levels. Where the standard for damping force adjustable TEIN dampers is 16 levels, the 32-level mode enables finer adjustment.

One-Touch Setup Activation

You can store up to 3 preferred damping force setups in memory. This memory preset function allows you to instantly switch to damping force levels that you have set in advance for certain driving conditions, such as city, highway or winding roads.

Resume Feature

This function allows you to start driving with the same damping force setup as when the last drive stopped. (This requires the main power of the controller unit to stay on)

Sound Volume Adjustment

The volume of the button push sound can be set between levels 0 (mute) and 3 (loud).

Display Dimmer Function

The display dims at night, in conjunction with the vehicle's illumination signal. The dimmed display offers 3 levels of brightness to choose from.

Self-Diagnosis and Alert

When the system detects an abnormality (disrupted connection, short-circuiting, etc.), an alarm sounds while the 3 memory buttons flash red and the screen shows what is wrong.

Button Lock

The buttons can be disabled, to prevent accidental operations.

Dimensions of the Controller Unit

Price List

Required Kits

Description Part No. MSRP excl. tax
Controller Kit
Contoroller Kit
EDK04-P9669 JPY 19,000 Discontinued.
Motor Kit
  • EDK05-10100
  • EDK05-10120
  • EDK05-10140
  • EDK05-12120
  • EDK05-12140
  • EDK05-14140
JPY 17,500

The matching Motor Kit depends on the vehicle model and shock absorber type. Please use the Compatibility Search.

Optional Items

Description Part No. MSRP excl. tax
Strut Kit
Strut Kit
EDK06-K4474 JPY 4,000

Prevents wires from tangling with EDFC motors when adjusting ride height.

Need for this kit depends on the vehicle. Please use the Compatibility Search.

Motor Extension Kit
  • EDK08-P8514-10
  • EDK08-P8514-12
  • EDK08-P8514-14
JPY 7,600

Enables EDFC motor installation despite insufficient space.

Flexible shaft allows fitting the motor a little away from the shock absorber.

Details of the Motor Extension Kit

Piston Rod Top Extension Kit
Piston Rod Top Extension Kit
Made to Order JPY 7,000

For vehicles in which extension of the piston rod tops ensures enough space around them for the EDFC motors. Produced upon your order. Can also be used in combination with the Motor Extension Kit.

Details of the Piston Rod Top Extension Kit

EDFC Extension Cable Kit (2 m)
EDFC Extension Cable Kit (2m)
EDC02-G2238 JPY 2,000

For extending rear cable, when the included intermediate cable is not long enough, limiting the positioning of the controller.

Sold as a set of 2.

Additional Items

Description Part No. MSRP excl. tax Remarks
  • M10:
  • M12:
  • M14:
JPY 6,000

Comes with a rubber cover.

Power Supply Cable (2 m)
Power Supply Cable (2m)
EDC01-F1320 JPY 800  
Front Cable (1 m)
Fr Cable (1m)
EDC01-F1321 JPY 700  
Rear Cable (1 m)
Rr Cable (1m)
EDC01-F1322 JPY 700  

Intermediate Cable Front Left and -Right (2.5 m)

  • Front Right:
  • Front Left:
JPY 2,000  

Intermediate Cable Rear Left and -Right (4.6 m)

  • Rear Right:
  • Rear Left:
JPY 2,400  
8 mm Spanner
SST01-F1126 JPY 500  
Set Screw
Hex Bolt
SAP44-96367 JPY 200

Price is per piece.

Sold in a set of 4.

Not compatible with EDFC ACTIVE (PRO)

EDFC Series - Overview of Specifications and Functions

With GPS Kit Without GPS Kit With GPS Kit Without GPS Kit  
Basic Specifications
High-Response Wireless Control
(16.77 million channels)
Individual Wheel Adjustment - - -
Front/Rear Separate Adjustment
(Left and Right Simultaneous)
Damping Force Levels 64/32/16 64/32/16 64/32/16 64/32/16 32/16
Memory Presets 10 10 10 10 3
Cornering-Reactive Adjustment - - -
  No. of Change-Point 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns - - -
  Setup Programming1 Relative2 Relative2 - - -
Accel/Deceleration-Reactive Adjustment -
  No. of Change-Point 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns -
  Setup Programming1 Relative2 Relative2 Relative2 Relative2 -
Speed-Reactive Adjustment - -
  No. of Change-Point 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns 10 x 2 patterns - -
  Data Source Speed Pulse/GPS
Speed Pulse GPS - -
  Setup Programming1 Relative2 Relative2 Absolute3 - -
Total Available Setups 70 70 50 30 3
Using External Signals (2 Ports) - - -
Maximum EDFC Motors 8 8 8 8 4
Controller Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 40 x 98 x 20 40 x 98 x 20 40 x 98 x 20 40 x 98 x 20 26 x 90 x 95
Display Dimensions H x W (mm) 22 x 60 22 x 60 22 x 60 22 x 60 9 x 55
Options and Functions
Button/Dial Lock
Display/Button Color Options
(Full 262,000 Colors)
Basic Light Levels 3 Levels + Off 3 Levels + Off 3 Levels + Off 3 Levels + Off 3 Levels
Brightness Adjustment Function Auto-Adjusts to Ambient Light Auto-Adjusts to Ambient Light Auto-Adjusts to Ambient Light Auto-Adjusts to Ambient Light Linked to Illumination Signal (2 Levels)
2 View Angles -
Sound Volume Levels 3 Levels + Mute 3 Levels + Mute 3 Levels + Mute 3 Levels + Mute 3 Levels + Mute
Set Motor Reset Frequency - - -
Set Start Speed for Automatic Modes - - -
Display Modes
G-Force Display
(Longitudinal and Lateral G)
-Incl. Peak G-Force Memory
Bar Display
(Scale 0.3 /1.0 G)
Number Display -
Position Coordinates
- - -
Tripmeter (km or miles)
-Up to 10 memories
- - -
Speedometer (kph or mph)
With Peak Speed Memory
- -
GPS Precision Clock
(Continues at Signal Loss)
- - -

1. Setup Programming: How to input your preferred setup into a memory space.

2. Relative: Specify the damping force adjustment of each damper, compared to your standard levels.

E.g. -12, 20 (for +20), etc.

3. Absolute: Simply input the damping force level for each damper, e.g. 32, 48, etc.

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