STREET ADVANCE on MINI - Adjustment of Rear Damping Force
Adjustment of rear damping force of STREET ADVANCE for MINI requires shock absorbers to be detached from the vehicle each time, because the adjustment knob is enclosed by the vehicle body and can not be reached by a hand or a tool.
Use of EDFC series on MINI is strongly recommended, to enable hassle-free adjustment of damping force from the driver's seat. EDFC series makes it possible to adjust the damping force from the controller unit placed inside the car by remotely controlling the motors installed on the shock absorbers. The enclosed space, where the rear adjustment knob for MINI is placed in, is large enough for EDFC series motors to operate.
EDFC series motor needs to be installed onto the shock absorber and checked for proper operation, before installing to the vehicle. Place the upper mount spacer included in the kit (Photo 1) onto the OE upper mount. Fit the motor cable into an opening of the spacer (Photo 2) and lead the cable into the tire house. (Photo 3)
Note: The rear upper mount spacer needs to be installed whether EDFC series is used or not.
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