Installation Hole of Strut Kit for SUPER RACING
For SUPER RACING, EDFC can be installed on both the compression and rebound sides. When installing on Nissan Silvia, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or Honda Integra DC5(Acura), optional Strut Kit for EDFC is recommended on the compression side (above the upper mount). With this Strut Kit, motor does no need to be detached from the damper to avoid cable tangling when adjusting ride height. There have been some rare cases where the EDFC motor rotates in a different direction. The Strut Kit can avoid such problems and prevent the cables from tangling with the piston rod.
Installation of Strut Kit is the same for TYPE FLEX and other products, but there are camber and caster adjustments in SUPER RACING with many similar holes. This makes it hard to decide which holes to use for fixing the Strut Kit.
The correct position of the Strut Kit is shown in picture 2, A. Strut Kit cannot be fixed in a position other than using these two holes.
There are screw cuttings in B that have the same diameter as A, but these holes are for caster angle adjustment; thus, it is not suitable for attaching the Strut Kit. Please be aware of these points upon installation.

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