DO NOT throw away OE parts!
All TEIN products, except for competition spec models, meet the Japanese road regulations. Because it meets the Japanese road regulations, instead of keeping your OE shock absorber, there has been an increase in user’s who dispose or re-sell their unused OE shock absorber.

For example, if you have disposed of your OE shock absorber and require an overhaul, you will not be able to remove your TEIN shock absorber from your vehicle. If you in someway damage your TEIN shock absorber, you will be in an extremely inconvenient position if you do not have your OE shock absorber. There are many reasons that may restrict you from keeping your OE shock absorber, such as storage restrictions, but please if you can, keep your OE shock absorber.
*TEIN can not offer a replacement/ loan shock absorber while your TEIN product is being overhauled. So we ask all customers who inquire about an overhaul to prepare a replacement shock absorber themselves.
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