DO NOT Remove Insert Top Bolt
There have been some cases reported where the insert top bolt was removed by mistake, when installing the EDFC series onto the strut type MONO FLEX, causing the gas to be released. Disassembling insert top not only causes the gas to leak but also might result in serious injury. (Photo 1)
All MONO FLEX for strut suspensions are inverted type, thus damping force adjustment is made at the bottom of damper. EDFC series motors are to be attached to the bottom as well by replacing the adjustment knob located there. (Photo 2)
MONO FLEX for SA suspensions are upright type, so the damping force adjustment is made at the piston rod top. (Photo 3) EDFC series motor is mounted onto piston rod top with the damping force adjustment knob removed. Please be careful NOT to detach bolt on shell case bottom. Removing such bolt, just as with insert top bolt, causes inner gas to be released and may result in serious injury. (Photo 4)
Please note that manufacturer's warranty is void if either insert top bolt or shell case bottom bolt is intentionally or unintentionally removed.
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