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Overhaul and Revalving

0. For which shock absorbers is overhaul available?

Most TEIN shock absorbers are eligible for either overhaul service or replacement service (replacing only the core component). Revalving service (changing the damping force specifications) can be added to both. Please find below which service applies to your shock absorbers.

Overhaul Service

  • FLEX A
  • FLEX-K

Replacement Service

  • FLEX Z

More about Replacement Service

1. When do I need overhaul?

Your shock absorber needs overhaul once in 2 to 3 years or approximately 30,000 to 40,000 km if you mainly drive on city streets. If you enjoy sports driving, we advise roughly once a year. It depends on your maintenance and on where and how you drive. Also we advise overhaul in case of a blackened, scratched or oily piston rod, exceptionally soft ride, etc. If you see an oily discharge when you fold back your dust boot (if you have one), wipe it off and check again after a while, to make sure it is not grease used for the oil seal during assembly.

2. What to put in my revalving order?

If you want to have your shock absorbers revalved, please first test different settings using the damping force adjustment dial (click). If you cannot reach the right ride quality, let us know:

  • the vehicle's behavior in different situations, as tested
  • your wishes, such as your preferred spring rate and ride comfort
  • your current spring and shock absorber specs

The more concrete your info, the closer to perfect we can revalve your shocks. Example: trying damping levels from 0 (stiffest) to 16 (softest), you found that you want a stiffer setting. Or you liked level 16 best, and want that as the middle to adjust damping force around.

3. Can I have my shock absorbers' stroke shortened?

Shortening your shock absorbers' stroke length is possible, but requires careful consideration, because it may deteriorate the car's roadability. An in-depth knowledge is required. If we shorten how much the piston rod can rebound, it can happen that traction drops away driving over a large bump, because even at full expansion the shock absorber is too short to maintain tire grip. You must fully understand this risk, if you consider shortening your stroke length.

4. Can my shock absorber's shell case be shortened?

We do not offer shortening of the shell case (the shock's body). It would make the tire or suspension arm run into the vehicle body before even fully stroking, resulting in damage, sudden changes in handling, and even accidents.

5. How much does overhaul or revalving cost?

Overhaul and revalving charges depend on the damper's condition. Please see the Overhaul/Revalving Price Chart and examples below for an indication.

Note: prices exclude tax.

Example 1:
Repair + overhaul of 2 SUPER WAGON front dampers for a Toyota Vellfire GGH20W.
Shock Condition:
One has a bent piston rod and leaks oil, the other one is dirty.
Replacements: Base Fee 2x JPY 9,000 (incl. oil change)
Piston Rod 1x JPY 6,000 (bent)
Rod Guide Sub-Assembly 1x JPY 1,000 (cracked)
Inner Tube 2x JPY 900 (bent, worn)
Piston Valve 1x JPY 900
TOTAL JPY 27,700
Example 2:
Repair of oil leak + revalving for front and rear SUPER DRIFT dampers for a Nissan Silvia S15.
Shock Condition:
Oil all over front shocks, up to their springs. Rear shocks seep oil from their dust boots.
Replacements: -Front-
Base Fee 2x JPY 9,500
Revalving 2x JPY 2,500
Piston Rod 2x JPY 6,000 (scratched)
Rod Guide Sub-Assembly 2x JPY 1,000 (worn)
Inner Tube 2x JPY 900 (scratched, worn)
Piston Valve 2x JPY 900
Base Fee 2x JPY 9,000
Revalving 2x JPY 2,500
Piston Rod 2x JPY 5,000 (scratched)
Rod Guide Sub-Assembly 2x JPY 900 (worn)
Inner Tube 2x JPY 800 (scratched, worn)
Piston Valve 2x JPY 700 (scratched, worn)
TOTAL JPY 79,400
Example 3:
Revalving at new purchase of BASIC-K dampers for a Daihatsu Tanto or Tanto Custom L385S.
Replacements: -Front-
Base Fee 2x JPY 8,500
Revalving 2x JPY 2,500
Base Fee 2x JPY 8,000
Revalving 2x JPY 2,500
TOTAL JPY 43,000
Example 4:
Revalving and stroke shortening at new purchase of COMFORT SPORT dampers for a Lexus IS250 GSE20.
Replacements: Base Fee 4x JPY 12,000
Revalving 4x JPY 2,500
M.S.V. 4x JPY 2,500
Shortening Stroke 4x JPY 1,500
TOTAL JPY 74,000

6. Why is my adjustment dial (click) stiff/stuck?

If your adjustment dial is stiff and/or does not turn beyond a number of clicks, a possible cause is that the piston rod's top nut may been tightened too hard (higher than prescribed torque). Particularly if you have a multi-link suspension, since those have low prescribed torque. Also vehicles with rubber bushings between shock absorber and body are prone to this, because such bushings make the connection feel less tight than it is.

Caution We advise extra caution if you have piston rods with an M10 nut, because the thin cylinder wall of their adjustment mechanism stretches with excessive pressure. Once deformed, the piston rod will need to be replaced. Both too low and too high torque are hazardous. If you experience problems with an adjustment dial, please contact us using our Contact Form, describing the problem in detail.

7. Can I bring my car to TEIN for shock absorber overhaul?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to bring your car in at a TEIN branch for shock absorber overhaul. We do provide overhaul service, but not removal and installation. Some of our distributors do. For advice about your options, please contact us using our Contact Form. In addition to your inquiry, please include your location details and the answers to the Overhaul/Revalving Request form, which you find in your instruction manual.

Your options may include removing your shock absorbers or having it done at a local shop or TEIN distributor, and sending them to a TEIN branch. In that case, please send your damper(s) without attachments such as the mount or spring, to avoid dismantling charges.

8. How long does overhaul at TEIN take?

At TEIN, overhaul usually takes 2-3 weeks after commencing work. Actual lead time might vary, depending on the volume of work at the time of order. After receiving and inspecting your shock absorber(s), we send you a quote. When we receive the quote back with your agreement, we start the overhaul work. From then it normally takes about 10 working days. This can be longer depending on local holidays.

9. How can I get an overhaul/revalving form, if I have lost my instruction manual?

To get an overhaul/revalving form or the instruction manual for your product, please contact us. We will send it to you by e-mail or mail.

10. What are my shock absorbers' damping force characteristics?

You can find your shock absorbers' damping force characteristics in your instruction manual, in a chart as well as in values. If your instruction manual does not contain them, please contact us to find out.

11. Can I request overhaul directly at TEIN?

Yes, we do accept overhaul requests directly at TEIN (terms & conditions apply / might be subject to pre-approval). Please fill out the Overhaul/Revalving Request Form in your instruction manual (or simply write down all the required information & request details) and send to the address below or via our contact form. We will advise you of available options.

Please send your request form to:
Attn: Overhaul Department
3515-4 Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku
Yokohama City, Kanagawa
245-0053 JAPAN

Overhaul/Revalving Price Chart

12. Do my shock absorbers need breaking in?

Your shock absorbers do not need breaking in. When your shock absorbers are cold, we do recommend driving slowly to warm them up. Also we recommend regularly inspecting and retightening the bolts and nuts of the parts that have to do with the shock absorber kit, and regularly cleaning your shock absorbers.