Adjust the Stabilizer to the Desired Angle!

Adjustable link rods allow you to adjust the stabilizer angle which is altered when the carʼs ride height is lowered or lifted. Fine & precise adjustment in millimeters for optimum angle. Easy installation - simple replacement of OE parts.

Rust-Resistant Powder Paint

Our powder coating technique produces an extremely strong and durable film. No harmful organic solvents are used, for minimal pollution. Superior durability and corrosion resistance are achieved by TEIN's patented 2-Layer, 1-Bake powder coating method, which uses 2 layers of anti-rust paint on a blasted surface.

Turnbuckle Adjuster

Turnbuckle adjuster enables the length tuning without removing the Adjustable Sway Bar Link Rod from the vehicle. The length can be changed by a millimeter increments, simply by loosening the nut and turning the rod, with the Adjustable Sway Bar Link Rod itself still on the vehicle.


Thread Size M10x1.25
Part No. L: Adjustable Range
JAN Code MSRP excl. Tax
(Set of 2)
SPS23-R5903 M10-1 100-120 4580101246034 JPY 12,800 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5904 M10-2 120-140 4580101246041 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5905 M10-3 140-200 4580101246058 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5906 M10-4 200-260 4580101246065 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5907 M10-5 245-305 4580101246072 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5908 M10-6 290-350 4580101246089 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5909 M10-7 335-395 4580101246096 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5910 M10-8 380-440 4580101246102 NOW ON SALE
Thread Size M12x1.25
Part No. L: Adjustable Range
JAN Code MSRP excl. Tax
(Set of 2)
SPS23-R5911 M12-1 100-120 4580101246119 JPY 12,800 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5912 M12-2 120-140 4580101246126 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5913 M12-3 140-200 4580101246133 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5914 M12-4 200-260 4580101246140 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5915 M12-5 245-305 4580101246157 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5916 M12-6 290-350 4580101246164 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5917 M12-7 335-395 4580101246171 NOW ON SALE
SPS23-R5918 M12-8 380-440 4580101246188 NOW ON SALE
  • This product is designed to fit various vehicle models.
    Changes in sway bar angle vary by parts/components installed on the vehicle as well as the ride height setting. Please choose the most suitable rod length for such use conditions.
  • Adjust the rod length (L) according to the vehicle height.

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