Lightweight & Highest Quality Spring, For Most Suitable Suspension Set-Up.
■High-Tensile & No-Sagging, by the use of material with tensile strength of 200kgf/mm2
■Cold moulding method unables maintaining outstandingly high quality, durability and performance.
■Spring seat with matching inner diameter should be used, as Racing Spring is designed based on inner diameter. Outer diameter varies by wire diameter.
■Super lightweight, only made possible by limiting allowable load. If max. allowable stroke and/or load is exceeded, the optimum performance may not be exhibited and/or sagging, deformation or breakage may be caused.
■All TEIN Racing Springs have both-end griding finish.
Helper springs available for racing / Gymkhana use.
*What is allowable stroke?
Spring, if compressed exceeding certain level, may not return to original length. This is called 'sagging'. Allowable stroke is the amount of stroke where no sagging is caused.
Springs most suitable for rally and off-road uses are available.
Please refer to TYPE Gr.N ( F.R.S. Spec / Standard Spec ) pages for more information.
We can produce made-to-order springs to the desired shape, size and/or rate. Click here for details.
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