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Product Specifications

OE.TECH is a great choice for those who're annoyed by sagged OE springs due to long-term wear that result in lowered ride height and/or who're worried about rusted OE springs because of damages done by brine and/or snow-melting agent. With ride height & spring rate, as well as all the dimensions such as free length & solid length, designed and configured equivalent to those of OE's, OE.TECH is a perfect replacement for OE springs.

High-Strength Material

Use of Vanadium alloy steel SAE9254, with tensile strength of 200kgf/mm2 (1960N/mm2) or over, improves durability against sag.

Rustproof Surface Treatment

Surface of OE.TECH is treated with powder coating, which forms thick film and is highly durable, in addition to zinc phosphate coating as pre-paint, which is highly effective in rust prevention. OE.TECH's surface is protected against rust due to snow-melting agent (calcium chloride) and brine (seawater), etc.

Produced under strict cost management, OE.TECH is made available at affordable prices.

OE.TECH is sold as a set for 1 car.

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