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Overseas Applications
TEIN offers wide varieties of products all over the world to meet the demands of each and every market.
All these products are now available for sale in Japan.
If you have import / re-import vehicles and/or you'd like to try the products specially set up for foreign streets, this is the place you need to come.
■For the owners of import vehicles and/or vehicles only available overseasI
■For the owners of re-import vehiclesI
■For people who want to try products with overseas exclusive settingsI
Use in accordance with local laws/regulations.
Standard road clearance might be smaller than the minimum value allowed in Japan.
Please adjust the setting to meet the local laws/regulations. Avoid the use on public roads/streets, if the product cannot be set up to comply with the local laws/regulations.
Products are only tested on vehicles available in their respective regions and NOT on vehicles available elsewhere.
Depending on the vehicle's specifications, trim levels and/or individual differences, desired settings might not be achieved, or the products might not even fit.
As the products are designed and set up to meet the requirements/demands of each market, they might not be suitable for use in other regions.
All products come with the manufacturer's 1-year or 10,000km limited warranty (valid only in Japan). The warranty is void if the product is used in the way which does not comply with local laws/regulations.
Basic precautions and instructions explained in Japanese are included in the kit, in addition to the instruction manual (usually in English).
These overseas applications are only available upon request and the lead-time may vary. Please contact TEIN for further details.
Please contact TEIN for products not listed in the chart.
Overseas model will be shown as Overseas models in search result.
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