[ This item is discontinued and no longer available. ]
Allowing both comfort and sportiness
Full-length ride height adjustable shock absorber exclusively for compact cars
■Designed exclusively for K-Cars
■Allow both comfort and sportiness at high level
■Twin-Tube shell case structure
■Full-length ride height adjustment system.
■16-level damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together).
■EDFC compatible, for easy in-car damping force adjustment.(unavailable on certain vehicles)
From street cruising to sport driving, "FLEX-K" is a full-length ride height adjustable shock absorber designed exclusively for K-Cars. By applying light-weight K-Car with optimum damping force & spring rate, it allows sleek low down style with comfort in mind. Responsive handling and stability will ensure sports driving with excitement.
Upper Mount
"FLEX-K" is a mountless kit, used in combination with OE mount. (certain vehicles use pillow ball upper mounts.)
A) Twin-Tube Structure
Long stroke, less friction due to low internal gas pressure covers various street driving scenes.
B) Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature
Full-length adjustment system with the use of movable lower bracket allows for separate adjustment of ride height and pre-load. Bump-to-rebump stroke ratio from 1G would not be affected if ride height is adjusted only by the use of lower bracket.
C) 16-level Damping Force Adjustment Feature (Compression and Rebound Together)
Well established 16-level damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together) for optimizing vehicle performance and providing wider setting capability on all kinds of roads; from streets, winding roads to highways. Specially designed needle valve controls damping force linearly at all levels. Enjoy the wide range of settings available for your driving pleasure.
D) Rust-Proofing on Threads
All threading parts on shell cases are coated with specially formulated Fluorine, for outstanding rust protection as well as for smoother ride height adjustment. Electroless nickel coating combined with powder coating is applied to lower brackets.
E) Spring
Straight spring, made of no-sagging, high-tensile steel with tensile strength of 200kgf/mm2(1960N/mm2). (Except some models)
F) Conical Spring Washer
Conical spring washer is inserted between a bracket lock and a lower bracket, to effectively prevent loosening of a bracket lock, under various conditions.