Bringing Back Discontinued Damper Kits as Made-to-Order Kits!
  • < What is CUSTOM MADE DAMPER? >
    • Adjustable damper kits discontinued in the past are now resurrected and available as made-to-order kits.
    • All the specifications, such as ride height drop and spring rate, are as same as the past ready-made items (except some vehicle models).
    • Available for sale from only 1 set.
    • Production leadtime is approximately 1.5 months after receiving an order.
    • Available through TEIN distributors / dealers worldwide.
If you would like to have the kit made to the different specifications (spring rates / damping force), it will be provided as "Specialized Damper"
Sporty yet comfortable, first-class shock absorber,
appropriate for imported vehicles
Nurburgring Test Video  (*Click here for the video in smaller file size.)
Knowing all too well about roads and streets around the world, TEIN pursued to design and develop EURO DAMPER to meet all different types of road surfaces across the globe. Not willing to compromise, TEIN brought mass-produced EURO DAMPER kits to Nurburgring in Germany; a.k.a. shrine of automotive development, to put the dampers to the further tests. EURO DAMPER; now available on the market, with thoroughly-configured settings,
exhibited outstanding road ability on Nurburgring that is world-famous for its undulating landscape.
Proof of Real Thing. All the action from this Nurburgring testing was captured on video.
Please click here to see the footage.
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■Compatible with EDFC, which enables in-car damping force adjustment
■Use of M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve) provides both top-grade ride comfort and superior handling
■Fully treated with specially formulated Fluorine, for corrosion resistance.
■16-level damping force adjustment feature (compression and rebound together)
■3-year/30,000km warranty; reassurance for long-term use
Without loosing outstanding high-speed stability of OE, we added spice to sporty performance. By testing on various road surfaces, from streets to highways, we have found the perfect settings that emphasize on both comfort and driveability at lowered height. Also, the settings are configured with wider tires/wheels which are most commonly used for the particular vehicles.
The product comes with 3-year/30,000km warranty to give customer a peace of mind even for a long-term use. If the product is defective due to processing/assembly error, or if the spring seat gets stuck due to rust preventing ride height adjustment, we will repair or replace, free of charge, subject to warranty conditions.
A) Reinforced Rubber Upper Mount (except some models)
Reinforced rubber mount, exclusively designed for each application, maintains calmness and comfort, yet enables direct driving feel and handling surpassing performance of OE mount.
B) Mono-Tube Structure
Mono-tube shell case is used to enable very fine control of the machine and aggressive yet detailed communication with the road surface.
C) Thread-Type Ride Height Adjustment
Threading type system enables adjustment by a millimeter. Most suitable setting achieved for various situations. H.A.S. is included as standard equipment for vehicles with separate spring / shock absorber set up, to enable precise adjustment.
D) 16-Level Damping Force Adjustment Feature (Compression/Rebound Together)
Well-established 16-level damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together) for optimizing vehicle performance and providing wider setting capability on all kinds of roads; from streets, winding roads to highways. Specially designed needle valve controls damping force linearly at all level.
E) Micro Speed Valve
With M.S.V. system, required damping force in very low speed range can be well maintained for better stability, improving steering response, road tractability and/or traction performance.
Click here for more information on M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve)
F) Rust Prevention on Threads
Shell case for 'EURO DAMPER'. including all threading parts, is coated with specially formulated Fluorine for outstanding corrosion protection, which prevents spring seat seizing on threads even when exposed to deicing salt.
G) Spring Seat / Seat Lock
Forged Aluminum spring seat and seat lock are used to help keeping Adjust Wrench in place for easy ride height adjustment. (Patent Pending)
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