FAQ on EDFC Series Products

What makes EDFC5 different from EDFC Active or EDFC Active Pro?
  1. Jerk-reactive adjustment feature is added. Car's unwanted/excess movement is suppressed and unpleasant vibration is reduced, providing smoother handling and more comfortable ride.
  2. Motor operation sound is reduced. Adjustment can be made without getting annoyed by motor sound.
  3. AI (learning function) is added. The system leans driver's behavior and makes fine adjustments according to such. This eliminates the need for frequent changes/updates to memory settings. Just like EDFC Active and EDFC Active Pro, memory settings can be configured as needed, of course.
  4. Controller screen is updated for improved visibility and better appearance.
What exactly is "jerk" ?

Jerk (or jolt) in physics is the rate of change in acceleration (G) with respect to time.
Imagine a case of hard braking. When the brake pedal is slammed, driver's and passengers bodies lean forward. Once the car comes to stop, bodies are pressed back into the seats. This is where jerk comes into the picture.
When there is a large negative jerk, passengers are bounced back hard, so the driver normally releases brake gradually as the speed decreases to prevent such. That's the same as what jerk-reactive adjustment does - drivers do that without even knowing it's jerk related.
EDFC5 detects and calculated jerk generated by acceleration, deceleration and steering and adjust damping force accordingly.

Which parts/components are required, to switch from EDFC Active or EDFC Active Pro to EDFC5?

Please purchase EDFC5 Controller kit (EDK04-R6655) and replace that of EDFC Active or EDFC Active Pro. Motors and GPS kit can be used as-is.

Is rewiring necessary, when switching from EDFC Active or EDFC Active Pro to EDFC5?

All the cables can be used as-is. Connectors/joints on EDFC Active, EDFC Active Pro and EDFC5 are compatible/adaptable, so EDFC5 controller unit and driver units can be connected directly to the existing cables.

  • Initial calibration and driver pairing process must be performed.
  • Do NOT connect (assign) EDFC Active's or EDFC Active Pro's driver units to EDFC5 controller unit. Doing so could cause serious damage to driver units.
Bar graphs on controller screen seem to be highly responsive. Is this normal?

Bar graphs change constantly, responding sensitively to changes, when they are set to show G-force/jerk values. Please follow the below procedures to check/change the setting.

  1. long-press [DISP] button
  2. turn [Dial] to select "GJ BAR" then short-press [Dial]
  3. turn [Dial] to select "OFF" for not showing G-force/jerk graphs
  4. short-press [Dial] to confirm the selection
  5. press [MODE] button to return
Can EDFC5 be used on other brands' adjustable shock absorbers?

No, unfortunately. EDFC series products are only compatible with TEIN dampers.

How well is driver unit water-proofed?


Solid Particle Protection - Scale of 0 to 6
Rating IP Code Protected Against Effective Against
0 IP0x None N/A
1 IP1x Solid foreign objects of 50mm or larger in diameter Hands
2 IP2x Solid foreign objects of 12.5mm or larger in diameter Fingers
3 IP3x Solid foreign objects of 2.5mm or larger in diameter Tools
4 IP4x Solid foreign objects of 1.0mm or larger in diameter Wires
5 IP5x Dust-protected (limited ingress, no harmful deposit) Dust
6 IP6x Dust-tight Dust
Liquid Ingress Protection - Scale of 0 to 8
Rating IP Code Protected Against
0 IPx0 None
1 IPx1 Vertically falling drops of water
2 IPx2 Vertically falling drops of water with enclosure tilted up to 15 degrees from the vertical
3 IPx3 Sprays of water with enclosure tilted up to 60 degrees from the vertical
4 IPx4 Splashing water from any direction (limited ingress, no harmful effect)
5 IPx5 Low pressure water jets from any direction (limited ingress, no harmful effect)
6 IPx6 High pressure water jets from any direction (limited ingress, no harmful effect)
7 IPx7 Effects of temporary immersion in water, under certain pressure
8 IPx8 Continuous immersion in water, under pressure
At what temperature range can driver unit be used?

Driver units can safely be used between -30 to +80 degrees C.

How long does it take AI to learn?

It requires about 5 to 10 min of driving.

Check product description pages below for detailed specifications.