Longacre Computerscale, Chosen & Trusted by Top NASCAR Racers
Highly reliable gauge, which is used in NASCAR / Winston Cup races. It is the best gauge available on the market, not only for the use in racing fields, but also for ordinary vehicles with ride height adjustable dampers.
Manufactured by Longacre Racing Products, Inc., U.S.A.
Highly reliable gauge, which is used in NASCAR races.
Ultraprecise Flat Pad
Exclusively designed thin pad.
Tablet Included
10" AndroidTM tablet with high resolution screen, can be used either wired or wirelessly.
Customizable Display
Change the main screen display contents & order to suit your preferences.
Memory Storage
You can store weights along with setting data such as camber angle, caster angle, toe angle and tire pressures.
Corner Weight Gauge -Computerscales Hybrid DX3
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
L 72617 JPY 265,000
  Main Unit
(w/ extra tough carrying case)
4 pads
*Only available upon request.
Estimated production leadtime is about 2 week.
Slope for Corner Weight Gauge
Part # MSRP excl. Tax
L 72548 JPY 23,000
  Set of 2
* Discontinued and only available while supplies last.

Image (Pads are not included.)
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