Bringing Back Discontinued Damper Kits as Made-to-Order Kits!
  • < What is CUSTOM MADE DAMPER? >
    • Adjustable damper kits discontinued in the past are now resurrected and available as made-to-order kits.
    • All the specifications, such as ride height drop and spring rate, are as same as the past ready-made items (except some vehicle models).
    • Available for sale from only 1 set.
    • Production leadtime is approximately 1.5 months after receiving an order.
    • Available through TEIN distributors / dealers worldwide.
If you would like to have the kit made to the different specifications (spring rates / damping force), it will be provided as "Specialized Damper"
Elegant & Comfortable Shock Absorber
for High-Performance Premium Vehicle
Maximizing road holding and comfort, 'COMFORT SPORT' provides solid feeling just like sophisticated European sport vehicles, without sacrificing ride comfort. With its sublime style, 'COMFORT SPORT' surely is for mature adult who enjoys both controlling and dressing up the vehicle.
Use of new feature M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve) realizes both high controllability and ride comfort surpassing that of TYPE CS. As a result, everything; sporty feel transmitted through steering wheel, comfort in every passenger seat, etc., adds up to over-all pleasure, just like European cars.
Improved Rust Prevention & Luxurious Design
Shell case is coated with the special fluorocarbon resin for superior corrosion resistance. Gold Alumite seat lock and upper mount on black shell case would provide not only high performance but also satisfactory appearance.
Accommodating Larger Tires/Wheels
We have used bigger size wheels and tires, which are expected to be most popular ones for the particular vehicles, when developing and testing COMFORT SPORT.
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A) Upper Mount
Exclusively designed reinforced rubber mount is used to maintain the calmness and comfort, yet enabling direct driving feel and handling surpassing performance of OE mount. (Some models are used with OE mounts.)
B) Mono-Tube Structure
As oil and gas chambers are completely separated, aeration hardly occurs and heat is released quite well, achieving stable performance.
C) Threading Type Ride Height Adjustment System
Threading type system enables adjustment by a millimeter. We recommend adjustment of lower seat to be within10mm (either above or below) from the standard position for optimum outcome. (Vary by lever ratio
D) 16-Level Damping Force Adjustment Feature (Comp./Rebound Together)
COMFORT SPORT is equipped with popular 16-level damping force adjustment feature (compression / rebound together). Use of specially designed needle valve allows linear damping force generation at all 16 levels. Drivers can enjoy wide range of setting capability.
E) Brand-New Feature: M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve)
With newly developed M.S.V. system, required damping force in very low speed range can be well maintained for improved steering response, and in turn improving traction performance to maintain firm handling.
Click here for more information on M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve)
F) Shell Case
Shell case is made of steel and its surface is treated with specially formulated Fluorine for protection against rust and corrosion.
G) Spring
Straight spring, made of no-sagging, high-tensile steel with tensile strength of 200kgf/mm2 (1960N/mm2). Exclusive spring is used for vehicles with separate spring / shock absorber set up.
H) Complete Kit
Shock absorbers, springs and pillow ball upper mounts come in 'complete kit' to assure correct settings.
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