[ This item is discontinued and no longer available. ]
Full-length ride height adjustable shock absorber designed exclusively for K-Cars with greater low down capability.
“BASIC-K SUPER LOW DOWN” is based on K-Car exclusive shock absorber “BASIC-K” to increase low down capability and adjustability.

* “BASIC-K SUPER LOW DOWN” is designed mainly for low down, so ride comfort is sacrificed compared to “BASIC-K”. If ride comfort is more important, then standard “BASIC-K” is recommended. (Minimum of 90mm ground clearance is necessary when driving on public roads)
SUPER LOW DOWN specialized setup
“BASIC-K SUPER LOW DOWN” has modified its specification and settings to ensure additional low down feature. Not only it lowers the vehicle, it offers superb quality-performance balance.
Increased stability and handling
“BASIC-K” has been implemented many of our technical know-how to assure safety and stability while on the road.
Offering products at affordable price
By applying stock upper mount with fixed damping force feature, we managed to offer sufficient performance and specification at affordable price. Our adjustable shock absorber delivers ride height adjustability with driving pleasure.
A) Kit w/o Upper Mount
"BASIC-K" is to be used in combination with OE mount, for maintaining calmness and for reasonable pricing
B) Thread-Type Ride Height Adjustment
Threading type system enables adjustment by a millimeter. Most suitable setting achieved for various situations. H.A.S. is included as standard equipment for vehicles with separate spring / shock absorber set up, to enable precise adjustment.
C) Spring Seat / Seat Lock
Popular Aluminum spring seat and seat lock are used to help keeping Adjust Wrench in place for easy ride height adjustment. (Patent Pending)
D) 2-Coat/1-Bake Powder Coat
After being sprayed with powder as the base coat, which is highly effective against rust, the second layer of powder top coat is applied, and then materials/parts are baked in a furnace for superior durability and corrosion resistance. (Patent Pending)
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