Bringing Back Discontinued Damper Kits as Made-to-Order Kits!
  • < What is CUSTOM MADE DAMPER? >
    • Adjustable damper kits discontinued in the past are now resurrected and available as made-to-order kits.
    • All the specifications, such as ride height drop and spring rate, are as same as the past ready-made items (except some vehicle models).
    • Available for sale from only 1 set.
    • Production leadtime is approximately 1.5 months after receiving an order.
    • Available through TEIN distributors / dealers worldwide.
If you would like to have the kit made to the different specifications (spring rates / damping force), it will be provided as "Specialized Damper"
Stylish & Comfort
Entry Model Shock Absorber for K-Cars
■Shock absorber exclusively designed for K-cars,
enabling both superior low-down appearance & ride comfort at step above.
■Comfort-focused setting, mainly for street driving.
■Crisp movement, unlike normal K-cars.
■Simple easy-to-handle features at reasonable price.
Due to its lightweight, K-car tends to have jumpy behavior when going over gaps & bumps with non-OE shock absorber installed. "BASIC-K" is designed to absorb impact from uneven and rough road as smoothly as possible, to achieve comfortable ride on streets.
Newly Developed Small-Diameter Platform
Many components were newly designed to develop brand-new small-diameter (I.D. 50.8) platform for strut type, to accommodate cars with very limited space around shock absorber, which is quite common among K-cars. With this, we are able to offer dampers for Life (JB7), R2 (RC1), etc., on which existing I.D. 55 platform can not be used.
Twin-Tube Structure
Twin-tube shell case is used for superior durability and for sufficient stroke. Compared to OE shock absorber,
"BASIC-K" has larger oil capacity, wider shell case and piston rod, for superb damping force characteristics.
A) Kit w/o Upper Mount
"BASIC-K" is to be used in combination with OE mount, for maintaining calmness and for reasonable pricing
B) Thread-Type Ride Height Adjustment
Threading type system enables adjustment by a millimeter. Most suitable setting achieved for various situations. H.A.S. is included as standard equipment for vehicles with separate spring / shock absorber set up, to enable precise adjustment.
C) Spring Seat / Seat Lock
Popular Aluminum spring seat and seat lock are used to help keeping Adjust Wrench in place for easy ride height adjustment. (Patent Pending)
D) 2-Coat/1-Bake Powder Coat
After being sprayed with powder as the base coat, which is highly effective against rust, the second layer of powder top coat is applied, and then materials/parts are baked in a furnace for superior durability and corrosion resistance. (Patent Pending)
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