[ This item is discontinued and no longer available. ]


Toe-In Gauge

"Toe-In Gauge" for easy measurement of toe-in & toe-out
Must-have for installation of ride height adjustable shock absorbers.

Toe-In Gauge

Dunlop AGO45L
Laser Tracking Gauge (U.K. Made)

Easy Measurement
Anyone can easily take measurements.
Easy Set-Up
All you need is a flat area to park a car.
Simply place the gauge over the wheel and you are ready to go.
Rechargeable Built-In Battery Operated
The system is ready in less than a minute once switched on.
Stored Away Neatly
Wall Bracket is included for secured storage to avoid damage.

Toe-In Gauge Specifications

Measurable Rim Size 13 to 22 inches in diameter
Part No. I AGO45L
MSRP excl Tax JPY182,000
Toe-In Gauge
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