Warnings for Full-Length Ride Height Adjustable Dampers

Shell Case Adjustment Range

Changing ride height with full-length ride height adjustable shock absorbers is done by changing the length of their shell cases (Photos 6 and 7). The stroke length remains the same (despite shortening the shell case), so you can realize your preferred style with minimal change in ride comfort.

At all times stay within the shell case adjustment range specified in the instruction manual. Shortening the shell case too much is dangerous: before full compression, the tire will rub on the fender, and/or the upper arm will interfere with the vehicle body (Figure 8). Not only can shocks not be absorbed anymore, but the vehicle will suffer from blocked steering, loosing tire grip, etc., which put it in an extremely dangerous condition.

Right Torque to Tighten Parts

At all times consult the instruction manual for the right torque to tighten each component. Needing a higher torque than the seat lock, the lower bracket often ends up slack. This is dangerous - it can even fall off on the road. Also in struts, where the dampers typically rotate with the tires when turning the steering wheel, it is prone to get loose and needs a strong torque. Please regularly check the bracket and seat locks, retightening where needed. A rough standard for the bracket lock's prescribed torque is after manually tightening it, an extra 20-30 degree turn.

Please note that TEIN products are delivered with partially tightened lower brackets and seat locks for easy ride height customization. They must be fully tightened during installation.