Cautions for Installing Bonnet/Hood Damper

Popular for its convenience and easy installation, the Bonnet/Hood Damper (Photo 5) comes with a few points of caution. Depending on the vehicle, the product or its stay or joint might interfere with the car body (the bonnet or fender), and even cause damage (Photos 6 and 7). After installing it, please check that there is no unusual strain anywhere, by gently pressing the bonnet shut (Photos 8 to 10). Do not let it fall closed. If you have an aluminum bonnet, be careful not to dent it.

Also, please make sure to install the Bonnet/Hood Damper only on the vehicle and bonnet that it is made for. It is exclusively developed for the vehicle model's original bonnet, and may be incompatible with non-genuine bonnets. For instance the bonnet can burst open from too strong gas pressure. This can also break the stay's attaching part if the bonnet is FRP.