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Rd.1 Tour de Kyusyu (April11-13) Rd.6 RALLY HOKKAIDO (July 11-13)
Rd.2 Kuma Kogen Rally (April 26-27) Rd.7 2008 Rally in Akaigawa (August 22-24)
Rd.3 KYOTO Nantan City 2008 2008 (May16-18) Rd.8 FMSC Mountain Rally 08 (September12-14)
Rd.4 HimukaRally 08 IN Misato (May30-6/1) Rd.9 The 36th M.C.S.C. 2008 (October3-5)
Rd.5 MSCC TokyoRally 2008 (June13-15) Rd.10 Shinshiro Rally 2008 (November7-9)
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