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About TEIN Suspension
Representative President,
Hakaru Ichino
With the start of the 21st century already behind us, the environment surrounding the automobile industry and the state of consumers' minds are changing at a rapid pace. Cars are now, no longer just tools for moving or carrying people and objects. Rather, people are starting to look for cars to bring them comfort and enjoyment, enabling them a better quality of life. Our company is based on this understanding and originates from the concept of developing and producing products to be able to bring out the best of driving. Through our tireless development efforts to create the most advanced products, we have been able to build a high reputation within the market.
Since the partial revision of the safety regulations for automotive after-market products in 1995, the market has received further interest, requirements for planning, quality, price and safety has increased. In order to maintain the confidence we have established in the market for our products, we plan to expand further our field by reinforcing our planning and development skills with utilized knowledge we have accumulated. We will also hone our development skills as a suspension manufacturer in order to increase the quality of our products, with three key words in mind: "Safety", "Reasonable Price", and "High Quality".
Evolving with the motor industry
Consumer's taste has expanded, and the market now uniquely, demands high quality products. The market for automotive after-market products is growing within this background. In a market where drivers are starting to pursue the joy of driving, and motor culture is maturing uniquely, high quality goods are also needed in the automotive after-market sector.
With an eye of the market, and global trends, we have continued to develop suspensions to meet the high demands of the customers. Our first step was OEM production based on our high reliability and engineering skills. In 1990, we went on to produce our own brand products. We believe that we have been able to establish a unique brand image, mainly through sports shock absorbers. Our goal is to become a "total suspension manufacturer who provides driving pleasure to all drivers", and we will continue to strive for higher quality, performance and precision. Our development process will be continuous.
Fusion of craftsmanship and high efficiency products
We take pride in our manufacturing technology which does not allow for an inch of compromise. Not only are we set on maintaining our quality, but we have merged in product efficiency by utilizing the most advanced technology in order to deliver the performance that only TEIN can bring about. TEIN is a company specialized in suspension manufacturing, that brings out the best enjoyment out of driving.
Origin of our company name
The company name "TEIN" was named after a combination of the first two letters, "TE"CHNICAL "IN"NOVATION, as it has been our principle to provide the best products supported by our state of the art technology since we started our business.
ISO9001 Certification
All business units certified for ISO9001 International Standard for Quality Management.
The certification was received on March 28,2002 from JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. after successful examination. Taking this opportunity,we will further improve quality to meet increasing customer requirements for quality.
Automatic piston rod cutter cuts rods to the specified numbers and lengths. Transfer milling cutter (Fraser machine) carries out multiple processing milling tasks, such as drilling and grinding. Automatic gun drill processing machine operates to process the inner chamber which is indispensable for adjustable damping force shock absorbers.
Automatic pipe-cutter cuts pipes to the specified numbers and lengths. CNC lathe with bar feeder can be automatically operated by feeding material in the stocker. The APC equipped machining center initiates batch processing such as drilling and tap processing, per palette, through numerical controls.
Numerically controlled automatic welding robots can achieve uniform welding which assures air tightness and durability. Shock absorbers are susceptible to dust and dirt. All inner parts are washed by ultrasonic washers. Precise measurements are needed for shock absorbers and CAD-CAM-CAE systems enable verification of designs from various angles.
By putting the parts, which have gone through forging, casting and pressing, through tension and compression tests, overall quality is improved. An efficient delivery procedures are achieved through the bar-code delivery verification system, which prevents misdeliver and allows for same day delivery. All of TEIN production items are validated at the Engineering Department on actual cars, and only products which have passed the tests for ride height, lever ratio, corner weight and drivability are prepared for the mark.
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Headquarter Factory
3515-4 Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
245-0053 Japan
Yokohama Office Osaka Office
3515-4 Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
245-0053 Japan
4-6-33 Aramakiminami, Itami City, Hyogo
664-0008 Japan
Sendai Office  
3-13-3 Hagino-cho Miyagino-ku Sendai City, MIYAGI
983-0043 Japan
Organaization Chart
Company Name TEIN, INC.
Establishment February 28, 1985
Capitalization JPY 217 Mil (May 2002)
Employees 199 (as of the end of March 2014)
Annual Turnover JPY 3,249.20 Mil (consolidated figure for fiscal year ending March 31, 2014)
Activities Development, design, manufacturing and sales of auto parts and suspensions.
Sales of imported automobile goods
Representative President Hakaru Ichino
Managing Director Yoshio Fujimoto
Director Kenji Nasu
Director Tomoo Takei
Auditor Yoshiaki Miyake
Auditor Sadao Okugawa
Auditor Masashi Hara
Banks The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
1985 Established in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
1986 Start of OEM production of shock absorbers
1988 Moved Headquarters to Midori-ku, Yokohama
1990 Start of production of own brand products (TYPE H DAMPER)
1993 Start sales of TYPE S DAMPER
1995 Start sales of TYPE H1, TYPE H2 DAMPER
Moved Headquarter Factory to Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama
1996 Completion of new factory - Okuma Plant
Completion of delivery center
Start sales of S.TECH spring
Start sales of TYPE HA, TYPE HR DAMPER
1997 Completion of Ikebe Plant
1998 Start of sales of TYPE NR, TYPE NA DAMPER
Completion of Orimoto Plant
Moved head office to Orimoto-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama
Start sales of TYPE RA DAMPER
1999 Established Yokohama, Osaka Office
Start sales of TYPE RE, RS DAMPER
Start sales of TYPE HT, HG DAMPER
Established Fukuoka, Sendai Office
Start sales of TYPE CS DAMPER
Start sales of TYPE HE DAMPER
Established Nagoya Office
2000 Start of product warranty system
Start sales of TYPE WAGON DAMPER
Start sales of HIGH.TECH spring
2001 Established Kitakanto Office
Moved Fukuoka office to Onojo City, Fukuoka
    Established TEIN U.S.A., Inc - West. in California, U.S.A.
2002 Start sales of TYPE FLEX DAMPER, EDFC
    Start sales of TYPE GRAVEL DAMPER, G.TECH
All business units certified for ISO9001
Listed on JASDAQ
    Established TEIN Taiwan Inc. in Taiwan
2003 Moved head office,Technical development center and Yokohama office to Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama
Moved Fukuoka office to Chikushi-gun, Fukuoka
    Established TEIN UK Limited
2004 Start sales of SUPER STREET DAMPER
2005   Start sales of SUPER DRIFT DAMPER
    Start sales of SUPER RACING DAMPER
    Start sales of GT WAGON DAMPER
    Start sales of SPECIALIZED DAMPER
2006   Start sales of BASIC WAGON DAMPER
    Start sales of BASIC COMPACT DAMPER
    Start sales of SUPER COMPACT DAMPER
    Start sales of MONO FLEX DAMPER
    Start sales of COMFORT SPORT DAMPER
    Moved Osaka Office to Itami City, HYOGO
    EDFC model change
2007   Start sales of BASIC-K
    Start sales of S.TECH K-SPECIAL
    Moved Sendai Office to Sendai City, MIYAGI
    Start sales of EURO DAMPER
    Moved Kitakanto Office to Saitama City, SAITAMA
2008   Moved Nagoya Office to Kasugai City, AICHI
    Established TEIN U.S.A., Inc. - East in Georgia, U.S.A.
    Established TEIN Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong
    Start sales of BASIC FLEX WAGON
    Start sales of SUPER FLEX WAGON
2009   Start sales of 4 x 4 DAMPER
    Start sales of FLEX SEDAN
    Start sales of COMFORT FLEX
    Start sales of FLEX COMPACT
    Start sales of FLEX-K
    Nagoya office and service center closed.
    Fukuoka office closed.
2010   The Kitakanto office is integrated into the Yokohama office.
    The Osaka office and the service center are moved to Minoh City, Osaka
2011   Start sales of STREET BASIS
2012   Start sales of STREET ADVANCE
    The Osaka office and the service center are moved to Itami City, Hyogo.
2013   Start sales of STREET FLEX
    Start sales of EDFC ACTIVE
2014   Moved Headquarter Factory and Yokohama Office, within Kamiyabe-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama
    Start sales of EDFC ACTIVE PRO
    Start sales of MONO SPORT
2015   Start sales of FLEX Z
    Start sales of FLEX A
[U.S.A.] TEIN U.S.A., INC.
9798 Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA 90241 U.S.A.
Unit 7 Avant Business Centre, Denbigh West Industrial Estate
Milton Keynes MK1 1DL United Kingdom
Building 1, Floor 7, Room 706, No. 168 Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
2-4, Outside No.1 Door of Guo Guang Industrial Park, No. 8 Jinghu Da Dao Xinhua Town, Huadu Region, Guangzhou, GuangDong, China 510800
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